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We have a strong belief that without knowing what you’re trying to achieve (and possibly for what purpose you want it), it’s very hard to recognise real success. This can be especially true in the intangible world of digital communication.

Littered as it is with all sorts of buzz words and jargon, the path to digital success means navigating the technology toy shops, planning for a journey spoken with one voice, making use of appropriate social activity, in order to create a meaningful and measurable integrated business proposition.

Gritt Approach

Getting to know you

How do you know what makes a meaningful and measurable strategy for your business? The truth is no one knows your business and its potential the way you do, but experienced stewardship can easily see where you could be by enabling the right tools for the job.

For most people this is a custom blend of digital services, strategy and experience - not a checklist but a way of looking across your business and prioritising. For example, if visitor retention is your biggest business goal; how can your website experience, mobile usability and your social and email strategies all be optimised to drive towards that goal and how can you track your progress? The answer is clear interpretation of information from services such as Google Analytics!

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A guiding light

In fact Analytics are the North star to our business, helping us to ensure your reasons ‘why’, match your ideas of ‘what’ you want, and help us to implement the ‘how’.

We use this information from all platforms (web, mobile, social and email), as a way to analyse what you have, what is missing, and where there is opportunity.

Success must be shared and as such we place the data that helps us define success at the heart of our approach, clearly defining the goals throughout the project.

For you this means assurance and visibility of the impact you’re having every step of the way.

Gritt - Lighting the way

For us this means holding ourselves accountable for delivering fantastic insight and solutions at the highest levels. Together we unravel the web for your business.

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