How to define your business Facebook Strategy

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How to define your business Facebook Strategy

Is Facebook right for you?

Defining a purpose for your social media endeavours, specifically in this post we are talking about Facebook but the same approach applies to any social media platforms you are considering adopting; can be a minefield.

If your reason for being in social spaces is because ‘everyone else is’, we suggest you probably won’t see a great deal of return on your investment – your time and your budget. However if you determine your approach - the tone of voice you use; the type of content you post and the way in which you build your brands social personality, based on your fundamental social goals, then you could see fantastic and efficient results from your social investments.

Goals = Posts

So, each goal becomes a collection of posts. The best way to illustrate this is with an example. Imagine you are a new, relaxed yet stylish, independent Italian restaurant based in the centre of Birmingham. You may be using Facebook predominantly to drive repeat business and to help you refine your business strategy (tweak the menu, get feedback on the atmosphere and understand better who your customers are, that sort of thing).

Therefore your tone of voice on Facebook should be quite informal, welcoming and honest - you are asking customers to be honest with you.

  • You may share food inspirations (We just had a delivery of sun-dried tomatoes straight from Sicily and we can’t wait to try a new handmade tagliatelle using them tonight – why not come for dinner and try it, we’re open from 7pm!);
  • Updates about what is happening at the restaurant (Our new pastry chef starts on Monday and he has some great ideas for a twist on amaretti biscuits, we’ll post pictures of the first batch soon!);

but mainly your focused content will be around:

  • Sharing offers for Facebook fans (As a thank you to all our Facebook fans, we’re inviting you to take a night off from the washing up and come dine with us – we’ll take 25% off the bill if you bring this voucher with you!)
  • Inviting fans to give their friends a great meal and partake in a promotion, (Bring a friend for lunch any day next week and enjoy dessert and coffee on us – just get your friends to Like our page and show us when you get here!)
  • Asking questions about what guests would like more of (This week the special was salmon wrapped in Parma ham – what did you think? Let us know if you’d like to see more fish on the menu by commenting below! Thanks)

You can see from the examples that your Facebook goals can form the basis of your approach to building a posting strategy that not only works for you but also for your community. It can be easy to let your own personality determine your brand personality in social media, but running a brand page on Facebook is not the same as authoring your own Facebook Profile. No matter whom in your business takes on this role your strategy and goals should be so clearly defined that the brand personality remains consistent.

How to get started:

In order to get the most out of Facebook, ask yourself the following questions before you start:

  1. Which 3 words best describe my personality of my business? (these can become your ‘tone of voice’)
  2. What are my 3 biggest business goals? (these should drive every initiative you create for Facebook)
  3. What is the best thing I could achieve with social media? i.e. loyalty, engagement, research, brand awareness, repeat business etc (This is your purpose for entering the channel and should shape your approach).

If you need any help getting started, creating a custom, more engaging Facebook page or defining an ongoing strategy, just contact us at Gritt, we’d be happy to help.

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