Business Blend

Business Blend

Your perfect blend of business

Think of Business Blend as your digital Pick’n’Mix counter. One week you may be after sherbert dip daps, the next week you could use a handful of chocolate mice.

Business Blend is our after-market service and perfectly demonstrates our understanding that sometimes, aspects of your digital strategy are front of mind and sometimes certain areas will need a little helping hand to run smoothly and effectively. Therefore, we offer the following services as stand alone modules, or they can be bolted together any way you choose, to allow us to support your business in a completely made to measure way:

  • Design, content and technical support
  • Search Engine Good Practice
  • Social Media Support
  • Analytics Reports & Advice
  • Help On-Demand

Many of the modules make good bed-fellows and pairing them correctly can turn useful support into ‘why-didn’t-we-do-this-sooner-support’.

So perhaps you need the design, content and technical support module to help plan and implement site updates on a regular basis. This is often well-paired with the Analytics Advice module, to ensure that those updates are powered by real data about how users are experiencing your site and how you can improve that experience.

Gritt Business Blend

Whatever you need to do, we can help fill the gaps using the Business Blend elements you choose; offering you exactly the package you need, only when you need it.

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