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Mobile and tablet usage is experiencing huge and sustained growth and on of the biggest reasons for this is the development of mobile applications -  over 80% of the time we spend accessing data on our smartphones is now done through apps.  An application is a bite-size piece of packaged up functionality, that is designed to enable you to perform a task, natively on your smartphone.

This means that the experience was designed specifically for mobile, making it simple and easy to use, often utilising stored data so you don’t always need internet access. When designed well, with customer insight in mind, mobile applications offer a unique chance to be useful, entertaining or informative, whilst in the palm of your customers’ hand, meaning that your users could come to rely on you every day.

It’s not just customers that are finding all sorts of potential in the mobile market either, businesses are also seeing the value in specific mobile and internal app development, in order to provide a mobile sales force with useful and bespoke tools. Mobile applications for the workforce could be used to demonstrate data in an interactive and completely portable way, even to take measurements, calculate prices, make bookings and share business cards.

Whatever your application might be used for and whoever it is aimed at, the sky really is the limit when it comes to mobile development, as long as you ensure that your mobile presence meets the basic requirements of being:

  • Genuinely useful and engaging
  • Intuitive to use
  • A unique service
  • Integrated with other platforms like email/social media
  • Good value (if paid for)

We can get to the bottom of your mobile needs and craft an application for you that your users won’t know how they lived without.

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