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Analytics is the term given to the gathering and interpretation of digital marketing data. We can track and monitor almost everything in the digital age, but data is only useful if you can use it.

When harnessed, analytics can better inform your decision-making about all aspects of your digital business - taking optimisation from an art form to a science.

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About 1.8 billion people connect to the Internet, although only 450 million of them speak English

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Data can be particularly useful at two stages. It is a great starting point - to assess the landscape - what is working and what could be improved. It then provides the benchmarks for tracking improvements, helping us to set goals and be strategic about generating a return for your digital investment, be that financial, brand equity or positive user experience.

Without interpretation, the core of analytics is just raw data. Trusted tools and partners are required to add a layer of insight, to inform you. For example about which pages of your site perform best, where the majority of people land and leave from.

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Even which social sharing functions they use, whether they access your business from a mobile device and how many people you are converting to a sales touch point. This means you can focus on how to continuously deliver more of what your customers want, where and how they want it.

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