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Email marketing for many people, has been lost somewhere between snail-mail and an addiction to Twitter.

But email can be so much more than spam. In fact, it is the bread and butter of many a successful business's marketing mix (there's a sandwich joke in there somewhere). Aside from all the inventive and beautiful things we can offer you in terms of design, there is a whole world of theory and best practice that we can take the lid off of for you.

If you’re looking to achieve any or all of the following:

  • Targeted, data-driven communications
  • Direct sales growth
  • To build relationships, loyalty and trust

Then email could be just the ticket. Email campaigns start with data, so you know exactly who you’re talking to and can refine and customise your message, right down to the individual, for the very best results.


On top of this, we can layer innovative ways to capture data, create incentives, direct response competitions and integration with your social media activity. The outcome of which is an intelligent response to your need for engaging direct communication.

If you make it a regular thing, with real benefits for those you want to reward, you could have a runaway success on your hands. We’ll know, because we’ll be tracking every outcome, every conversion and every click through our analytics tool – and you’ll be receiving the easily digestible reports, as often as you choose.

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