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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a great way to get smart about creating your website for a very specific purpose, helping specific people find you.

Everything you write, the content you create, the way you label it and link it together, should make sense to the humans who will come to your digital store-front and browse there. However those humans only ever make it to your site if they can find it. When used correctly SEO is all about harnessing the search algorithms helping them to do just that.

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The Facebook 'Like' button was originally planned to be named the 'Awesome' button!

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SEO tactics have suffered from questionable integrity over the years, which led to the classification of ‘white hat SEO’ (the good guys) and ‘black hat SEO’ (the bad guys). Not only are Google and others now penalising sites for improper use of SEO tactics, the logic behind ‘cheating’ actually doesn’t make sense. You should only want to encourage people to your site who may really want to be there. Tricking anyone into visiting who was in fact looking for something else, is neither effective nor positive for your brand.

Luckily we only operate white hat SEO, helping you to get more interested eyes on your screen, by creating original content, offering in-depth reports/analysis and opinion and comprehensive meta data.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

This is the way Google knows what a picture is of, for example and is based on the ‘tags’ that picture is associated with.

This is it’s ‘meta data’ and by including a sustainable density of keywords that we know users are searching for, whilst trying to find services like yours. It’s the application of good, clean, solid experience and it can be highly effective.

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